Our Youth Services team offers a range of services that build a community of young people who are connected, aware, and informed. Our services are universal, primarily preventative, and use a “wrap-around” community-based service approach to address age-appropriate needs along a continuum; from recreation to social services. Valuing the diversity of youth, the Youth Services team responds to youths' unique needs, and engages them in all places and spaces in West Vancouver. We provide youth with access to appropriate information and resources to assist in improving their overall health and well-being, through community outreach, one-to-one and group support, programs and activities, special events, drop-in activities, and coordinated service delivery with partner organizations.

West Vancouver Hub of Youth Services

The West Vancouver Hub of Youth Services brings together representatives from community organizations with a connection to youth services in West Vancouver. Through a collaborative, coordinated, and community-based approach, the goal of these partner organizations is to improve the quality, access, and delivery of services to youth and their families.

For more information about the West Vancouver Hub of Youth Services, contact the Youth Services & Community Recreation Manager.


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