Music Instructors

Choose from a variety of music programs in the Leisure Guide.They include private and group lessons on a variety of instruments, music theory classes, and Real Rock Band, inspired by the great depth and diversity of musical expression found across the globe.

Our instructors are experts in their field who engage the community in a shared process of music-making, providing an unparalleled musical experience for participants of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Leona C. | Piano: One-on-One Lessons

Rob Hamilton | Guitar: One-on-one Lessons

As an obsessed music nerd from the time he was buying his first LPs at 6 years old, Rob turned to the guitar soon after and is now widely recognized as one of Canada’s top musicians and leaders in the music industry.  

His years of study with jazz guitar icon Oliver Gannon from a young age eventually lead to a full scholarship and stint at Berklee College of Music in Boston before completing his degree at Capilano University in Jazz Performance. He then embarked on a career as one of the top session and touring musicians in Canada playing for many years as a member Canadian hard rock legend Lee Aaron's band, Soul Decision, and the Vancouver institution Soulstream whose reign at Bar None for over a decade is one of the great pieces of history of the Vancouver music scene.  He has also appeared on countless video games, movies, and tv shows as well as played with Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepson, Michael Buble, and Tom Jones among others. 

In 2010, Rob started the award winning Side One which is now the industry leader in event music with operations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Seattle.  Side One plays almost 300 events annually, employs 125 musicians and techs, and plays some of the biggest weddings and corporate events in North America. 

Rob’s passion for understanding and playing music is only equalled by his love of teaching.  With over 25 years of teaching experience, many of Rob’s students have gone have incredibly successful careers of their own and whether your aim is to play Carnegie Hall, a campfire, or your bedroom, Rob can help.  Rob prides himself on simplicity, clarity, and a pragmatic step by step approach when it comes to learning music that is almost entirely directed by your tastes and goals.

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Denise K. | Piano: One-on-One & Group Lessons

Marcia Meyer | Piano: One-on-one Lessons

Marcia Meyer is a pianist, composer, arranger, and educator. Students working with her have the opportunity to prepare for RCM Exams, to learn Jazz, Pop, and Broadway Favourites, learn all levels of theory, and to be introduced to Improvisation.

Marcia's lessons emphasize having fun while developing good technique—a key ingredient for superior tone production. As for musical improvisation, she maintains this is akin to conversation: If you enjoy conversing with others and are ready to learn the basics of playing the piano, you're on your way to being able to improvise.

Days available for lessons: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, at the WVCC

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Elliott Vernon | Guitar: One-on-one Lessons

Elliott’s goal is to spark creative expression in his clients’ lives, and to arm them with the necessary tools and techniques to do so. He teaches under the premise that all people are inherently creative, and that it is a matter of coming back to our roots as innate Artists—be it writing, music, visual arts, or architecture—humankind just can’t get enough of creating.

It is Elliott’s philosophy that we all have the potential to become musicians, but it takes guided hard work, and the desire to learn. Elliott offers tailor-made lesson plans to help you meet your creative and technical goals. Every person is unique, and therefore has unique, and specific needs, and goals, when it comes to learning music.

Elliott specializes in instructing classical guitar, acoustic styles, and electric guitar, working in all genres including, but not limited to: Jazz, Folk, Country, Metal, Progressive Music, Classical, Soul/Funk, Rock, Blues, Reggae/Ska, Punk, Math-Rock, Post-Rock and Pop.

Elliott’s lessons are centred around building technique, creativity, and showing where the two intersect. Having a solid base in music theory can transform any player, and facilitate better understanding of the instrument and inspire more creativity. Learning interesting songs that a student finds engaging is a great way to apply technique, and learn from what has been done before. Elliott also focuses on improvisation, and composition.

Once students begin to grasp the basics of the guitar, or any other instrument, it is a true joy to create original music, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. Having a coach to help with composing can help students break through the barriers to free creative expression.

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