Early Years

Program Descriptions

Parent & Baby Gymnastics (6 – 10 months)
Discover and explore the gymnastics centre with your baby. Sing songs, make new friends and have fun while playing and learning with your little one. This program does not have exclusive use of the gym.

Parent & Tot (10 – 24 months)
Introduce your child to gymnastics and movement education. You will assist your little one with the basics of walking, running and learning to jump, while exploring the gym! This class does not have exclusive use of the gymnastics centre.

Parent & Toddler (24 – 36 mths)
During this class, toddlers will build confidence and independence through games, songs and gymnastics fun. This class will help prepare children for Junior Jumpers 1. This class does not have exclusive use of the gymnastics centre.

2 Years

Junior Jumpers Level 1
This 30-minute class is a structured introduction to gymnastics. All of the gymnastics equipment will be used and parents are required to assist their child with this class.

Junior Jumpers Level 2/3 
Class will continue to build on the gymnastics basics taught in Level 1. Parents are not required to participate in this program, but may be asked to help if needed. Pre-requisite: Junior Jumpers Level 1.

3 Years

Little Leapers Level 1/2
This 45-minute long class will include rolling, hanging, swinging, jumping, balancing and bouncing. Children will continue to work on basic gymnastics skill development and coordination using all of the equipment.

Little Leapers Level 3/4
Gymnastics skills and drills will continue to be developed through circuits and games. Pre-requisite: Little Leapers Level 1.

4 Years

Mighty Mites Level 1/2
This class will continue to develop strength, coordination and confidence for 4 year olds, as they run, jump and bounce their way around the gymnastics centre.

Might Mites Level 3/4
Building on the basics of Mighty Mites Level 1, young gymnasts will continue gaining strength, flexibility and confidence. Prerequisite: Mighty Mites Level 1.

5 Years

Super Springers Level 1/2
In this progression from Mighty Mites, gymnasts will work on rolls, handstands, swings, springs, balances and bounces. The class will focus on honing basic gymnastics fundamentals, strength and flexibility skills.

Super Springers Level 3/4
Participants continue to develop and master gymnastics skills that were introduced in Level 1. Prerequisite: Super Springers Level 1.

– 9 Years

Junior Elites
Take your gymnastics abilities to the next level in an invitation only program that focuses on strength, conditioning and strong basic skill development. You must arrange a try-out or be invited to this class. For questions please call Lori at 604-925-7218.


For questions please call the Gymnastics Program Coordinator.