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Rehab & Prehab

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The West Vancouver Health & Fitness team specializes in all areas of wellness including Rehabilitation programs like:
Health Hearts, Better Bones, Joint Replacement, Stroke, Parkinson's, GLA:D Canada, Cancer Thrivers and Women on Weights.

Our objective is to offer programs that are specifically designed to improve your well-being and improve your quality of life. Whether you are looking to increase your range of motion, boost energy levels, improve stability, manage pain, or release tension – we can help you find a program that will met your needs.

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Client Testimony

Joint Replacement helped Kathie get back on her feet!

When I was waitlisted for knee replacement surgery in late 2018, I repeatedly heard that the better your fitness going in to surgery, the better the outcome. At the time I was in pain and out of shape, and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym.

Luckily I came across the Joint Replacement program offered at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre and signed up in early 2019. After participating in a couple of 10 week sessions, I felt comfortable doing the program on my own in the fitness centre.

For many months I did my program a few times a week, but once my surgery date was confirmed, I committed to four or five times a week. As promised, the program strengthened my muscles, improved mobility, and I was almost free of pain.

My surgery was November 21 and, twelve weeks later, I’m back exercising in the gym, riding the recumbent bike, and starting to walk the seawall.

I credit much of my positive outcome to the joint replacement program. Equally important was – and is – the support I get from staff at the gym, especially from Ensieh Rastegar who designed my program, and the always encouraging Florentine Matejcek!