Program Consultation

This is a prerequisite for all rehabilitation programs including; Joint Replacement, GLAD, Healthy Heart, Women on Weights, Better Bones, FAME for stroke, Parkinson’s Rehabilitation, and Cancer Thrivers.

This is an opportunity for you to meet the trainer, discuss goals, health history, assessment your exercise experience and most importantly to ensure your safety while being physically active. After the consultation, the trainer will have enough information to create a personalized program for you. When you arrive on day one your personalized program will be ready for you!

Program Consultation Cost Winter
Better Bones $45 81745
Cancer Thrivers $45 82656
FAME for Stroke $45 81746
Healthy Heart $45 81748
Joint Replacement $45 81749
Parkinson's Rehabilitation $45 81750
Women on Weights $45 81751
Well Balanced $45 81797
GLAD Canada $45 81747


Please call to register.