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Watercolour with Nazanin Intermediate

Discover the world of watercolour painting! Gain watercolour experience under the guidance of a skilled artist. Please come with your own OPUS painting paper.

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Artmania: Shadow Puppet Theatre

Meet new friends and learn new skills! Explore the fun of art and theatre arts through fun games, storytelling, painting, set design, puppetry, mask making and more! Be guided by our team of artists and puppeteers to gain self-confidence and valuable communication skills.

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Artmania: Drawing & Sculpting Animals

Master your animal-drawing skills in a class that also teaches you painting with watercolour and sculpture techniques. You will leave the class with a sketchbook full of skills, a sculpture of your favourite animal and a beautiful watercolour paintings.

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Artmania: Illustration and the Creation of a Comic

Learn from professional Illustrators how to utilize character construction, plot design, and setting components to create a new and unique comic book. Explore how to draw what is in your imagination with constructive lessons from your Artmania teachers. All types of comic creators are welcome!

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Artmania: Photography

Calling all aspiring artists! Gain valuable insight into the aesthetic and technical theories and techniques of digital photography. Learn how to manipulate the imagery in photos that you take in and around our community and then use it to create one of a kind photos and paintings.

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Artmania: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Let’s look at transportation through the ages to present day as well as think about neighborhoods and communities around the world. Learn how to build and draw your own transportation of the future, while learning about physical science concepts like motion and forces, gravity and friction.

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Artmania: Landscape Painting

Landscape art activities give students more than just drawing lessons. Artmania teaches technical skills as well as spatial-reasoning abilities, hand-eye coordination and creativity while creating landscapes. Come and have fun sculpting and painting while exploring our beautiful landscape around the Silk Purse.

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Artmania: Math Art

Let’s continue our STEAM educational programs at artmania. STEAM is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access points for learning and critical thinking. Math art is a great way for kids who love art to appreciate math and kids who love math to learn about the importance of art.

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Artmania: Architecture In and Out

We will begin this class with a brief history of architecture and Interior design around the world. Students will learn and explore how to create two dimensional drawings and three- dimensional model making. Come and have fun drawing, painting and building your architectural and interior designs with us!

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Artmania: Still Life Drawing and Painting

Let’s start with the basics, the most practical subject matter for learning skills in art is still life. These skills are applied to any subject in art. Students will learn how to layer tones, colours and textures of objects to assemble drawings and paintings with pencil, chalk, oil pastels and paint.

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Artmania: The Face and the Human Body

Drawing enables your child’s imagination to become more active. Each time they draw, they access their imagination and make physical representations of what is in their mind. This class will give our students the skills they need to draw and paint the human face and body.

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Artmania: Creative Kids

Welcome back! Come and join your Artmania teachers by the beach at The Silk Purse to discover the world of art! Through art games, painting, sculpture and craft, Artmania will show your child how many fun ways there are to learn and make great art!

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