Participaction Community Better Challenge

West Vancouver—help us become the most active community in Canada!

Join the Participaction Community Better Challenge from June 1 to 30 for a chance to win weekly prizes and help West Van win $100,000! Participate as a family or individual! Join the challenge by downloading the ParticipACTION app.

We would like to invite the entire community of West Vancouver to participate in the ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge! This exciting physical activity challenge rallies communities to sit less and move more together.

We are inviting all schools, sports teams, community organizations and businesses to participate! And at the conclusion, West Vancouver could win the top prize of $100,000 and the title of Canada’s Most Active Community. There will also be prizing for the most active community in each province and territory.


1. Sign up your individual school, team, organization or business here.

2. Start logging minutes for your group!

As an organization one person can log all the minutes your group has completed!

Example: Field Hockey practices - 10 practices per day; 14 players x 60 minutes = 8400 minutes for the day! That information can be submitted by one person.

3. OR You can have participants use the log sheets from ParticipACTION and then someone from your group can enter individual activity minutes on the website! Log sheets can be found in the resource manual on the website.

4. West Vancouver Community Centres will also collect log sheets and enter the activity minutes for individuals.


1. Individuals can sign up using the app here:

2. Start logging minutes for yourself or your family! This can be done three ways:

a. You can login on the website.

b. You can use the app and it will track your activity.

c. You can link your Garmin, Fitbit or AppleHealth to the ParticipACTION app and it will do all the work for you!


How is my community determined?
The boundaries for a community are determined by postal code regions and connected to local municipalities. All individuals and community organizations within the same region will be contributing their minutes to that community.


How can I see how my community is doing?
Starting June 1, we will have a leaderboard on the Community Better Challenge website. The leaderboard will allow you to see the top 20 communities per region. Don’t see your community? Keep tracking those minutes to increase the chances of your community cracking the top 20!


How are we deciding which communities win?
Determining the winner will be defined by the following three criteria:

  • Minutes tracked: After June 30, we will announce five finalists from each region who have tracked the most minutes based on their population.
  • Community engagement: We will review each of the finalists’ results considering the community engagement level based on the numbers of unique individual users and organizations that submitted minutes throughout the challenge.
  • Finalist submission: Immediately following the challenge, each finalist will be invited to complete a brief submission to support their case as to why their community should be selected as Canada’s Most Active Community.

Based on all three criteria, the winning communities will then be selected.


How is this fair if I live in a small town? OR Does my community have a fair chance to win if we live in a small town?
Everyone has an equal chance to win. Each community’s total minutes will be divided by their total population.


What are the prizes?
Canada’s Most Active Community will receive the grand prize of $100,000 to support local physical activity initiatives. Five regional community winners will also be recognized.


Can my organization register regularly occurring recreation events/programs to count towards our minutes?
Yes, any group physical activity can be tracked. Ongoing recreation activities such as a group fitness class at a recreation centre, a sport club basketball practice or a school gym class are all eligible for tracking. To ensure tracking accuracy, the local recreation centre coordinator, instructor or teacher is responsible for tracking the activities. Consider amplifying what you’re already doing by encouraging participants to bring a friend during the challenge or having a ‘try-it’ opportunity for non-members.


When I go to track on the website, I don’t see my favourite activity listed as one of the options.
Congrats on tracking your move minutes to help your community! The activities that you see as options are meant to be thought-starters, and you’ll notice an ‘other’ option which covers off any other way that you—and your fellow Canadians—love to move.


How do I know if my activity is counting toward my community’s total? Does it need to be a certain intensity or length of time?
Great question! The goal of the Community Better Challenge is to get Canadians moving with others. As a result, we haven’t set parameters on how intense your activity needs to be. From walking to the grocery store to backyard spring cleaning, we want you to track it all! In terms of duration, every minute counts! The shortest duration of activity you can track is one minute, while the longest is 180 minutes.


Can I track more than one bout of physical activity for a given day?
Yes! There are no limitations on how many times you can track physical activity for a given day. Note that the most minutes one individual can track for one activity, however, is 180 minutes.


Who do I ask for help?

Dave Thomson, Program Coordinator – Health & Fitness
604-921-2169 | [email protected]

Shannon Penway, Program Coordinator - Child and Family 
604-925-7221 _ [email protected] 

ParticipACTION Head Office 
[email protected]  


ParticipACTION  is not subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Personal information will be stored, used, and accessed in compliance with applicable legislation and ParticipACTION’s Terms  and Conditions and Privacy Policy.