A new version of activewestvanrec.ca is here.

A new, more user-friendly version of activewestvanrec—our recreation registration website—launched on November 25.

While the website still looks familiar, visitors will:

• spend less time searching and registering for programs
• benefit from an improved mobile experience
• search and sort results faster


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions here.


Overview and 'how to' tutorials

Watch the overview tutorial to learn about the key benefits and features of the new version, or find answers to specific questions in our series of 'how to' videos below.


Watch tutorial

How to find frequently searched items under the 'Quick Links' menu

How to add a program that is not yet open for registration to your 'Save for Later'

How to view and/or withdraw from an activity

How to search for activities, add items to cart, register multiple members & activities, and more

How to add a family member to your account

How to create an account on activewestvanrec.ca

How to access the registration page - activewestvanrec.ca