Summer Programs & Camps

We are pleased to offer a selection of modified summer programs and summer camps to the community.

To ensure the safety of our community members, class sizes have been restricted and all programs will follow public health and safety guidelines.

The following programs, camps and services will be available for registration:



Now open for one hour pre-registered timeslots*

Fitness Centre pre-registration

FitPass Information

Starting on Wednesday, July 22, FitPass holders can reinstate their FitPass upon request. Reinstated FitPasses can then be used to register for group fitness classes and pre-registered weight room timeslots starting on Monday, July 27 at the West Vancouver Aquatic & Community Centre and Gleneagles Community Centre. Should you wish to have your pass reinstated, please email [email protected] or call 604-925-7270. Your pass will be extended to cover the period of time when it was not available for use.

If you prefer not to reinstate your FitPass, it will remain on hold, and no action is required. You may still register for group fitness classes and pre-registered weight room timeslots and pay the single admission fee.

If you have a 10-Visit FitPass that you would like to use to register for group fitness classes and pre-registered weight room timeslots, please call 604-925-7270.

If you have any questions please email [email protected] or call 604-925-7270 between 8:30 a.m.– 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.



Early Years
Outdoor Circle Time
Songs, Stories & Play!
Sportball Outdoor Soccer

School Age
Family Painting: Inspired from the Masters
Pottery: Kids
Virtual Music Lessons
Sportball Outdoor Soccer

Adult 19+
Outdoor CycleFit (GECC)
Outdoor Group Fitness & Yoga
Painting: Inspired from the Masters
Pottery: Beginners
Outdoor Personal Training
Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation
Stroller Fit

Adult 55+
Outdoor Group Fitness



School Age
Architecture Camp: My Dream Camp
Art Explorers Camp
Artmania Camp at the Silk Purse
Beach Kids Summer Camp
Creative Kids Art Camp
Golf Par 3 Camp
Full Day Golf Par 3 Camp 
Saplings Outdoor Camp at Lighthouse Park
Skaterkidz Camp
Summer Fun Camp
Tennis: Junior Kids Court

Tennis: Junior Kids Court



*Regular registration processes, dates and times have been modified. Pre-registration is required for all summer programs and camps. Drop-ins are not permitted and programs are not included with FitPass memberships.*

For more information, visit the Registration & Refunds page.

Health & Safety

Health and safety measures have been developed to protect participants, staff and volunteers, and to ensure that physical distancing is observed during all programs and camps.

For more information, visit the Health & Safety page.