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2019 Summer Camp Registration Day: Wednesday, March 6.

Don’t wait for summer to arrive before registering in a West Vancouver Summer Camp!

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A West Vancouver Community Centres Society (WVCCS) membership—$6 for an individual; $10 for a family—is required to register in any West Vancouver Community Centre, Aquatic Centre or Ice Arena program. To purchase a membership please visit the West Vancouver Community Centres Society website.

West Vancouver Community Centres Society

Cancellation Policy
Refund requests must be received by the end of the business day on the Wednesday prior to start of the camp.

For information on how to register, please see our Registration Information page.

Registration Information

Please Note
Course prices are subject to change. For any discrepancies, the price quoted on is correct.

West Vancouver Summer Camps offer a rich selection of innovative, fun and creative programs! In fact, with over 100 different camp options to choose from, every child has an opportunity to participate in an activity that suits their interests and schedule. Here are a few more reasons why West Vancouver Summer Camps are your first choice for a fun, active and formative summer on the North Shore:

Camp Staff & Volunteers

  • Our Camp Leaders receive a high standard of training in games and safety, as well as in facilitating children’s friendships and helping to build self-esteem.
  • In specific areas like sport, music, art and gymnastics the staff are highly certified and come with professional experience.
  • Over 100 volunteers support our camp programs every summer. These volunteers have been trained to assist in day camps, and some of them are additionally trained to support camps that may have children with access barriers. Every volunteer is mentored and evaluated by staff each week.
  • We have additional staff to assist with children who have special needs and to help us smooth the path when behavioural issues arise.
  • Class sizes have small camper-to-staff ratios so that each child has a chance to feel connected to the leaders, and receives individual attention.

What to Expect on Your First Day

  • Please come early on the first day to ensure a smooth start to camps.
  • Please remember to fill out your ePACT information before the start of camp.
  • Many of our camps enjoy time outdoors. Please have your child prepared for the weather with sunscreen, a hat, raincoat, and comfy, supportive shoes to wear in a variety of conditions. Please send them with a healthy snack and water bottle each day and pack a lunch for children in longer camps.

Individual Camper Support
Our camps run on a philosophy of full inclusion, with the priority being to find ways to help all children have fun with their peers and to participate to the best of their ability in summer camp activities. We offer two levels of support to children, ages 5 – 15: 

Summer Camp Inclusion Volunteers
High school and university students who volunteer to provide additional support to camps that have children who may have trouble engaging with other campers. They may adapt activities to encourage children to participate, to the best of their ability. This program is proudly presented by the West Vancouver Community Society.

Access Support Workers
University students who are trained to provide one-to-one support to children who as a rule, receive one-to-one support in their schools. Support Workers are able to modify programs so that all children can participate. Children may receive 1 – 2 weeks of support during the summer; although the applications are processed on a first come basis. This program is funded by the District of West Vancouver and has had previous funding through Canada Summer Jobs.

Summer Camp Inclusion Volunteer or Access Support Worker please complete a Recreation Inclusion Application, available online or at the front desk at our recreation centres, to request support for our summer camp programs. Once an application is completed there is an assessment interview with Access Services staff, parents and child to determine the appropriate level of support to provide a successful camp experience.


See the Training & Leadership section for details on the Youth Volunteer Orientation & Training Module Course.

Youth Volunteer Orientation & Training

Another option that is always available to you: bring your own support to any program. Please let us know if you are registered for a program, and plan to bring your own support by calling the Access Services Program Coordinator. We need to alert staff and make provisions for an extra body.


Wet Weather

All camps operate rain or shine unless specified. Camp activities and schedules may be modified to match the weather but please send children with appropriate clothing in all cases.

Nut Allergies

We strongly encourage participants to bring nut-free snacks and meals; however, we cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.

Late Pick-ups

Considering summer traffic can be very busy in and out of West Vancouver, please allow enough time in your commute to pick up children before the end of camp. We understand that on occasion, extreme traffic congestion makes it impossible for you to pick up your child before the end of camp. As such, we strongly encourage all families to identify two or three family members or friends who can help out with pick-ups in these situations. Please add your alternate pick-up contact information to your ePACT form.


Keep ePACT up-to-date!

Has anything changed since you created your account? New phone number? Move? New allergies? Please make sure to periodically check, and update your account information.