ePACT: Medical & Emergency Info Network

Introducing ePACT: the paperless medical and emergency information network
West Vancouver Recreation is proud to announce our use of the ePACT network to collect medical and emergency information about your child, instead of using paper forms. ePACT is a highly secure online emergency network that is the new standard in connecting communities.

Why are we switching to ePACT?
Using ePACT means we will be better prepared to deal with any emergency, big or small. ePACT provides us with more accurate and legible information than the paper forms we've used in past. It also means that families only need to complete the forms once, and then review them periodically to ensure the information is still up-to-date. And because ePACT is web-based, we have the ability to securely access the system via smartphone, tablet or computer, or even paper back-ups.

Who needs an ePACT account?
Anyone who registers their child for any West Vancouver Camps:

  • Summer Camps
  • Spring Break Camps
  • Winter Break Camps
  • Any other camps

How to use ePACT:

  • Each camp participant’s family will receive an ePACT email invitation from West Vancouver Recreation via ePACT.
  • Families then accept this invitation by logging into their account (if they already have an ePACT account), or by creating their family ePACT account (if they don’t yet have one)—simply follow the steps on the epactnetwork.com website.
  • Parents enter required details, such as medical history and emergency contacts through a series of simple steps.
  • Families then securely share this information with West Vancouver Recreation allowing administrators access to their information.
  • Families can update ePACT anytime during the year, and we will automatically be alerted (e.g. add a new cell phone or new emergency contact, and we receive that update).

When to sign up for ePACT?
You may create an account before your register for any West Vancouver Camps. Visit epactnetwork.com to create an account.

How secure is ePACT?
Privacy and security are ePACT’s top priority—the system actually meets or exceeds the same standards as most online banks. Please note that all information is stored in Canada under Canadian government privacy regulations (FOIPPA and PIPEDA).  Also, ePACT is a locally-based company—their office is located on the North Shore.

Please note that camp staff will only have access to your child’s ePACT information for the duration of the camp. Camp staff access to this information will be restricted once the camp is over.

How do you benefit from using ePACT?
You only need to create an account, and share the information with West Vancouver Recreation once! After you ‘accept’ the email invitation from West Vancouver Recreation via ePACT, you will not need to complete additional medical forms for any camps that your child participates in the future.

Don’t forget to periodically update your ePACT account!
Please periodically check your ePACT account to ensure that all your information is up-to-date, to reflect any changes in your family’s medical history, emergency contacts, etc.

Create an ePACT account:

ePACT Questions?