Fall Update

Following the success of the outdoor summer programs and camps and the re-opening of the fitness centres in July, we are happy to announce that the District will re-open community recreation facilities on a pilot basis.

Read the fall announcement.


New Registration Process for Fall

Please keep in mind that regular registration processes, dates, and times have changed. Pre-registration is required for all programs and activities.

Registration days will be held on Wednesdays at 8 a.m. for West Vancouver residents, and at 10 a.m. everyone is welcome to register.

Please note: as Wednesday, November 11 is a statutory holiday, the registration day for that week will take place on Tuesday, November 10.

Monthly Registration

Sessional registered programs will now be up to 4 weeks in length. Registration will take place on a monthly basis.
Some exceptions apply.*

  • September registration starts on September 2
  • October registration starts on September 30
  • November registration starts on October 28
  • December registration starts on November 25


  • Rehab & Prehab
    September & October registration is now open.
    November & December registration opens on September 2.
  • Childminding
    September to December registration opens on September 2.
  • Skating
    September registration opens on September 9.
  • Gymnastics
    September registration opens on September 30.

Registration for activities that were previously considered drop-ins will take place every Wednesday for programs beginning the following Monday, including Fitness Centre, group fitness, yoga, CycleFit and Pottery Studio. 

Register online at activewestvanrec.ca, or by following links from westvancouverrec.ca. Phone registration is also available at 604-925-7270. In-person registration is not available. Should you be unable to register online, please contact us.

For more information, visit the Registration & Refunds page.


Fall Programs

We will be adding programs as we go—please check westvancouverrec.ca for up-to-date information about programs and registration.

Early Years   Aquatics  |  Dance  |  Childminding  |  Gymnastics  |  Sports  |  Skating

School Age   Aquatics  |  Dance  |  Gymnastics  |  Music  |  Theatre Arts  |  Visual Arts  |  Pottery  |  Sports  |  Skating

Youth   Aquatics  |  Gymnastics  |  Music  |  Theatre Arts  |  Pottery  |  Social Programs  |  Skating  |  Sports  |  Visual Arts  |  Training & Leadership

Adults 19+   Aquatics  |  Gymnastics  |  Visual Arts  |  Pottery  |  Health & Fitness  |  Rehab & Prehab  |  Learning  |  Skating  |  Sports

Adults 55+   Aquatics  |  Music  |  Visual Arts  |  Health & Fitness  |  Rehab & Prehab  |  Learning  |  Social Programs  | Sports  |  Skating

Program Check-in
Effective Setpember 8

When you arrive for your pre-registered programs, please refer to the site maps posted at main entrances for your program room check-in area. 

West Vancouver Community Centre, Aquatic Centre & Ice Arena check-in map

Gleneagles Community Centre check-in map

Someone will meet you in your designated check-in area and take you to your program room.

What’s Open

Community Services is continuing to gradually re-open facilities and resume programs and services. For more information visit the What’s Open page.

Health & Safety

Health and safety measures have been developed to protect participants, staff and volunteers.

For more information, visit the Health & Safety page.