Fall Update

Following the success of the outdoor summer programs and camps and the re-opening of the fitness centres in July, we are happy to announce that the District will re-open community recreation facilities on a pilot basis.

Read the fall announcement.


New Registration Process for Fall

Please keep in mind that regular registration processes, dates, and times have changed. Pre-registration is required for all programs and activities.

Registration days will be held on Wednesdays at 8 a.m. for West Vancouver residents, and at 10 a.m. everyone is welcome to register.

Please note: as Wednesday, November 11 is a statutory holiday, the registration day for that week will take place on Tuesday, November 10.

For more information, visit the Registration & Refunds page.


Fall Programs

We will be adding programs as we go—please check westvancouverrec.ca for up-to-date information about programs and registration.

Early Years   Aquatics  |  Dance  |  Childminding  |  Gymnastics  |  Sports  |  Skating

School Age   Aquatics  |  Dance  |  Gymnastics  |  Music  |  Theatre Arts  |  Visual Arts  |  Pottery  |  Sports  |  Skating

Youth   Aquatics  |  Gymnastics  |  Music  |  Theatre Arts  |  Pottery  |  Social Programs  |  Skating  |  Sports  |  Visual Arts  |  Training & Leadership

Adults 19+   Aquatics  |  Gymnastics  |  Visual Arts  |  Pottery  |  Health & Fitness  |  Rehab & Prehab  |  Learning  |  Skating  |  Sports

Adults 55+   Aquatics  |  Music  |  Visual Arts  |  Health & Fitness  |  Rehab & Prehab  |  Learning  |  Social Programs  | Sports  |  Skating

Program Check-in
Effective September 8

When you arrive for your pre-registered programs, please refer to the site maps posted at main entrances for your program room check-in area. 

West Vancouver Community Centre, Aquatic Centre & Ice Arena check-in map

Gleneagles Community Centre check-in map

Someone will meet you in your designated check-in area and take you to your program room.

What’s Open

Community Services is continuing to gradually re-open facilities and resume programs and services. For more information visit the What’s Open page.

Health & Safety

Health and safety measures have been developed to protect participants, staff and volunteers.

For more information, visit the Health & Safety page.