Enhance West Van

Engaging with our community to identify needs and opportunities, we create welcoming and inclusive ways for people to come together and enrich their lives. Going above and beyond what’s already here, we help make our community stronger and more connected. Together we are making your Community Centre even Better!

Enhance West Van provides a “community voice” through community engagement and outreach to ensure that programs and services at the Centres are meeting the needs of our diverse community. The Enhance West Van membership is required to register for any Community Centre, Aquatic Centre or Ice Arena program, or to purchase a FitPass. The cost of a one year membership is $10 per individual or $15 per family.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Enhance West Van has been able to leverage fundraising dollars, donor gifts and grants to deliver food security for youth and families, as well as supporting virtual programs and services that have been providing essential community connection for all ages during these isolating times. 

To find out more information about making a donation, sponsoring an event or becoming a volunteer with Enhance West Van, email us or visit our website today!

Enhance West Van website



Buy a Brick and Build our Community!

The brick campaign provides you, your family or your business with an opportunity to help Enhance West Van provide enhanced progams and services at the West Vancouver Community Centre, Aquatic Centre and Ice Arena.
Be recognized as a community-builder and leave your legacy by having an individual, family name, team or corporate name engraved on a brick located in the South Plaza at the entrance to the West Vancouver Community Centre.

Visit enhancewestvan.ca or call 604-921-7201 to purchase a brick.