Access Services

Accessibility cultivates inclusivity by eliminating barriers and creating social, physical and economic environments that enable residents to participate actively in the community.

Inclusivity embraces and values diversity in age, culture, ability, gender, language, marital status, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic status.

For more information on accessibility and related programs, contact Bernadette Smyth, the Access Services Program Coordinator:



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Access and Inclusion Policy

Recreation Assistance Program Application

Qualifying for Financial Assistance Program - Information Handout

Leisure Access Card Application

The Role of Access Services
Access Services, within the Parks, Culture and Community Services Division, includes support for people who have disabilities, low income and people who are new to Canada who may face cultural barriers.

Recreation for all:

Community Services builds community programs and services that meet the needs of the community. Our recreation programs and facilities reflect our on-going pursuit to provide meaningful and inclusive opportunities for all people.

Steps to apply for the Recreation Financial Assistance

  1. Ensure you qualify for recreation assistance: Qualifying for Financial Assistance Program - Information Handout. Note the program is only available to West Vancouver residents.
  2. Create an account at activewestvanrec if you do not have a current recreation account. Create the account online or with the assistance of staff from the West Vancouver Community Centre.
  3. Complete and sign the Recreation Financial Assistance Program Application form. Applications cannot be processed without a signed and dated application form.
  4. Gather copies of supporting documents listed in the Qualifying for Financial Assistance Program - Information Handout. Include your most recent tax information. Please include any EI or CERB documents if you received these benefits.
  5. Drop off your signed and completed application form and copies of your supporting documentation to the West Vancouver Community Centre front desk. Your signed, completed original application form and copies of supporting documents should be in a sealed envelope to the attention of: Access Services - Recreation Financial Assistance Program. Please print your name, phone number and email (if you have an email address) on the outside of the envelope as well as inside the package. Important: with your application, please state whether you require the return of your supporting documents as you will be responsible for picking them up once the application process is completed.
  6. Staff will register you for a Recreation Financial Assistance Program Interview when you drop off your envelope. Registration is not available online. There is no specific date or time attached to this interview. The registration confirms that you have dropped off your signed application and supporting documents.
  7. Review of your application and supporting documents will take 2-6 weeks depending on volume of applications received. Your documents will be held in a secure area. Once your submitted material is reviewed you will be contacted by Access Services via phone or email. You may be asked to provide additional documents if anything is missing. No in-person meeting will occur. Access Services may schedule a virtual meeting with you to take place via the telephone or MS Teams.
  8. Your application will be assessed and you will be contacted with the result of your application via phone or email.
  9. When you receive the results of your application, please confirm with Access Services whether you require the return of your supporting documents as you will be responsible for retrieving them.
  10. If you possess only electronic versions of your supporting documents: please follow the above process by dropping off your completed, signed application and add a note inside the envelope to state you have electronic versions of documents only. The front desk will register the drop off of your envelope and you will be contacted by Access Services with instructions as to how to upload your documents to a secure server. Please do not email any supporting documents.

Programs for newcomers

Are you new to the community? We have a variety of language and social programs designed with you in mind!

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