Turkey to Turkey Challenge

The time between the holidays is the most challenging time of the year to stay committed…don’t let the turkeys get you down!
Stay on track. Win prizes! It’s free to join.

October 11–December 20, 2019
Work out and collect points! Here's how it works:

1 point workout outside the facility
2 points workout inside the facility (GECC, WVCC, AC, SAC)
3 points participate in a fitness class or registered program
5 points complete a personal training session
10 points INSTANT draw—The Turkey 10 personal training package

Every time you collect 10 points your name will be entered into a draw for GREAT prizes! Record your points on the Turkey to Turkey Challenge Boards at the West Vancouver or Gleneagles Health & Fitness Centres! 

The Turkey 10  |  $599
Ready to make a change? The Turkey 10 is for new and current clients looking to achieve specific and measurable goals. This package includes a Fitness Assesment (for new clients) + 10 weekly sessions with a specific program design for actual results!

BONUS: You and me for FREE! Receive 3 (three) vouchers to try our Group Fitness or Yoga classes or use the Weight Room for FREE for you and a friend. *Up to $80 value. INSTANT Draw for the Turkey to Turkey Challenge!

Get started today! 

Call 604-921-2903 (West Van Health & Fitness Centre) or 604-921-2114 (Gleneagles Health & Fitness Centre)