Ferry Building Gallery

The Ferry Building Gallery’s mandate is to enrich, engage, inform, and educate the public by presenting a diversity of stimulating and high quality exhibits, events and tours which maintain a standard of excellence. The Gallery supports the development of both emerging and established artists, and programs reflect the artistic and cultural diversity of the North Shore and Sea-to-Sky region.

Address: 1414 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1C2

Tel. Num: 604-925-7290

West Vancouver Museum

The West Vancouver Museum offers innovative exhibitions and programs that feature important creators, innovators and significant events that shape our community, region and country.

Address: 680 17th Street West Vancouver BC V7V 3T2

Tel. Num: 604-925-7295

West Vancouver Memorial Library

The West Vancouver Memorial Library is a dynamic, free and welcoming space that inspires discovery and learning for visitors of all ages. Books, movies and music, free WiFi, research and homework help, an art gallery and programming for teens and children, the library is a learning hub and a community gathering place.

Address: 1950 Marine Drive West Vancouver BC V7V 1J8

Tel. Num: 604-925-7400

Music Box

The Upstairs Studio is home to the Life Drawing program and a variety of courses and workshops in visual and performing arts. In the summertime, the Music Box is the headquarters for the Harmony Arts Festival. It is also available for rental by arts groups for programming purposes and the general public for small scale social events and program initiatives.

Address: 1564 Argyle Avenue West Vancouver BC V7V 1A1

Tel. Num: 604-925-7198

Silk Purse Studio

Built more than 50 years ago as a honeymoon cottage, this waterfront building is home to the West Vancouver Community Arts Council (WVCAC) and the Silk Purse Studio. The Silk Purse Studio is the location for children’s art programs, after-school courses and the spring break Arts EXPRESS camps, a summertime favourite for children up to 11 years old.

Address: 1570 Argyle Avenue West Vancouver BC V7V 1A1

Tel. Num: 604-925-7292

West Vancouver Archives

The West Vancouver Archives collects, preserves, and provides meaningful access to West Vancouver’s documentary heritage. This heritage includes public records created by the municipal government and private records documenting the lives and experiences of residents, businesses, and community organizations in West Vancouver's past.

Address: 680 17th Street West Vancouver, BC V7V 3T2

Tel. Num: 604-925-7298

Kay Meek Centre

Kay Meek Centre is dedicated to presenting artistic excellence in a range of events including professional theatre, music, dance, film, and educational youth programming. Their mission is to produce, provide and present world-class performing arts experiences and opportunities for the community and beyond.

Address: 1700 Mathers Avenue West Vancouver BC V7V 2G7

Tel. Num: 604-981-6335