Spring Break

Gym Stars

Shine like a star as you develop strength and flexibility while improving your physical condition in a dynamic gymnastics and trampoline camp! Recommended for participants who can participate on their own. Bring water bottle and wear comfortable clothing.


LEGO® Early Learning Camp 

Calling all LEGO® enthusiasts! Come and play with LEGO® Early Learning, Simple Machines, Structures, Tubes, Tech Machines and STEAM Park. Children will build air, water, space and sea vehicles, bridges, towers, tops, and more! Explore gears, levers, pulleys, energy, forces, pushes and pulls, and speed in this fun, hands-on class.


Saplings Camp at Gleneagles

Get ready for a week packed full of exploration, adventure, and play! Our spring break camp offers half inside and half outdoor programming. Nature-based activities include fort and shelter-making, fairy house building, and nature art. Kids will hike to beautiful secret spots, and still have plenty of free time to explore their own interests and enjoy the wonders around them. Inside, we are able to deepen the learning as we do science experiments, explore with microscopes and create beautiful works of art.