Mindfulness Meditation (Virtual)

Handing Pandemic Anxiety requires coping strategies. In these tumultuous times it is easy to feel overwhelmed with worries and fears. Learn how Mindfulness Meditation and different breathing techniques can help alleviate feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety. Gain confidence and hope, and experience how to de-stress in any given moment of your day.

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Theologian’s Café (Virtual)

May's Discussion: The Underpinnings of Belief and Dis-Belief

What are the psychological forces that influence our spiritual or religious beliefs? And is there such a thing as a "god gene" that underlies it all? And how do we deal with the dissonance that arises when our belief structures are seriously challenged?

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Spanish Conversation

Practice your language skills and add to your vocabulary by speaking with like-minded new friends! Join us for a class designed for fluent Spanish speakers who are seeking an opportunity to practice and converse with others. No instructor.

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Hot Topics - International Affairs (Virtual)

Looking for an opportunity to converse about current affairs? Join Jon Scott for discussions about the current international affairs hot spots around the world! Start with some background information from Jon, and then join in on the discussion and learn from each other. Jon is a former ambassador of Canada, holds a PhD in Philosophy and is an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University. This is a virtual class.

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