Book Club

Join librarians who will select thought-provoking titles (fiction and sometimes non-fiction), and lead the group in riveting discussions. If you're up for a lively debate, and enjoy sharing your opinion—we hope you can join us! Reading list available upon registration at the Seniors' Activity Centre front desk. Leaders: Julia H. and Elizabeth A.


Creative Writing with Richard

Margaret Atwood doesn't attend so masterpieces aren't expected. We write and give feedback, and thus learn from each other. Our project is to write with verve, clarity, and grace in stories that engage and delight. Join us as you work on a larger project (a novel or memoir) or to get in touch with your muse week-to-week. Instructor: Richard B.


Writers' Circle

Share your stories, poems and memoirs in a casual and encouraging atmosphere! Take turns leading sessions. Start with a 10-minute power write (topic chosen by leader of the day), and then read your pieces and assignments. Enjoy writing styles ranging from humour and poetry to memories and social commentaries. While there will be no critiquing of member submissions, we will enjoy lively discussion. No instructor or facilitator.

NOTE: classed moved to West Vancouver Community Centre Mountain Room


Intermediate French Review (Spa Francais)

Join us for structured review session for "high beginners/rusty intermediates" who wish to improve their conversational French. No instructor. Participants help each other master grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic usage while working their way through textbook exercises, podcast lessons and occasional short readings in French
Leaders: Fiona A, Nadine N and Wayne S.


French Conversation

Fine-tune your French. Have fun conversing with others at an intermediate level in a supportive and friendly environment. Our topics will vary and be generated by the group. No instructor.


Spanish Beginners with Elias

Start each class with some guided conversation that will help you gain vocabulary, strengthen your knowledge of the language, and build more speaking confidence! Apply what you know to everyday conversation while listening and speaking with others, and learn more detailed grammar to help you better understand the way Spanish works. No textbook required. Instructor Elias Merkin.


Spanish Advanced with Elias

The highest level of our Spanish classes. The class focusses on the interaction between students who narrate their weekly activities, their hobbies and interests. The conversation is monitored and corrections are done on the spot to refresh the previously acquired knowledge. Conversation time accounts for 100% of the class time. No textbook required. Instructor Elias Merkin.


Spanish Social Conversation

Practice your language skills and add to your vocabulary by speaking with like-minded new friends! Join us for a class designed for fluent Spanish speakers who are seeking an opportunity to practice and converse with others. No instructor.


Farsi with Bita

Learn how to communicate with other Farsi speakers. While teaching you the language, Bita will bring to life the Persian culture, tradition, and food.