Intro to Masters Swim Club

Are you looking to get back into the water after some time off or just wanting to build your endurance and fitness level? Maybe you are planning on completing a triathlon, or are interested in refining your technique for the four swimming strokes? Join us and build your confidence and technique no matter what motivates you!

Registrant must be able to swim 400m continuously in 10 minutes.


Masters Swim Club

Looking for structured and progressive swim and fitness training combined with camaraderie? Join the Masters Swim Club where stroke correction and interval training are similar to those used in successful fitness and competitive swim programs all over the world. Master your strokes in a varied, no-impact workout that suits a range of swim speeds—great for triathletes, recovery from athletic injury, and preparation for open water and Masters swim meets. It is not necessary to have previous experience in competitive swimming to join the team, however you must be competent in at least three strokes and able to swim continuously for 400m in 7 minutes and 30 seconds and 50 meters within 50 seconds.